Sunday, August 30, 2015

Makeup Tutorial: Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto)

Hi everyone! DarthNancy here :)

Today I will be sharing with you guys a simple makeup tutorial for the makeup I wear with my Hinata cosplay. I have received tons of requests to do this in the past, so I am excited to finally share this! The makeup I wear could be way more complicated (I could wear lashes on my lower lash line or contour a lot), but I find that this makeup has worked the best for me. The white mesh lenses I wear are a little creepy, but I like how they make my cosplay look! Wearing lenses is totally up to you; don't feel like you absolutely have to wear any. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Process for Making a Cosplay

What exactly is the process of creating a costume? What about the process of actually getting ready to wear that costume out in public and doing what people call "cosplay"? Well, every cosplayer has a different way of starting and completing a cosplay. But here, we will be talking about my (DarthNancy) process for planning, beginning, and finishing a cosplay!

Step 1: Choosing a Character to Cosplay
There are many ways to get inspired on what character to cosplay. Sometimes you want to cosplay your favorite character from a series, and sometimes you get persuaded to cosplay a character for a cosplay group. The reason for choosing a character to cosplay really differs from person to person and from cosplay to cosplay. Most of the cosplays I have made are because I really like the character. For example, Hinata is my favorite female character from Naruto and thus I chose to cosplay her. But on the other hand, Miss Fortune is not really my favorite League of Legends champion, but I choose to cosplay her to be part of a cosplay group (the Christmas inspired skins). The same goes for my Poison Ivy cosplay; I really like her but I mostly cosplayed her to be part of the Gotham Girls cosplay group. In the end, the reason for cosplaying a character does not really matter. You just need some inspiration to get you to start and complete the cosplay! Cosplay who you want, regardless if you do not look like the character.If you want to cosplay the character, just go for it! 
Cosplays I want to do in the near future!