Friday, April 1, 2016

Cosplay WIP: Shizuku (Hunter x Hunter) #2

Hello everyone :)

So the last time I updated you guys on my Shizuku cosplay, this is how my Deme-chan prop looked:

But a lot has changed since then! Here is some progress! Since then I sanded my prop as much as I could, although it was sort of difficult because I used too much plaster on it and it kept cracking D: I primed it with plenty of wood glue to get it ready for paint~

I then spray painted it green and added pink for the mouth area/tongue and white for the teeth:

I then painted the inside black added a little bit of detailing. I also changed the color of the pink to a more muted brown-toned pink. I felt like the previous pink was too bright:

Lastly, I changed the shade of green. Deme-chan is supposed to be a blue-toned green, so I think this looks a lot more accurate color-wise.

That's all for now, but this should be all done by tomorrow! Yay, so excited!
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