Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cosplay WIP: Rider (Fate/Stay Night) #3

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I got really busy working on things for Fanime and Anime Expo, and then I got really lazy to post stuff. But here I am again, posting another WIP post for Rider (although this costume is actually done now!). Check out the other WIP posts if you haven't yet. WIP#1  WIP #2

Photo by Derek Marahaj Photography

Boot Detailing: Rider has a very small amount of “armor”. I put that in parenthesis because it doesn’t work very well as armor but I guess if we get technical that is what it is. Her armor consists of two parts: a smaller rectangle shape and a larger bell shape. I had some difficulties with the second bell-shaped piece because when I kept drawing it out, it kept looking like a penis. This *really* bothered me because I didn’t want the end result to look like that!!! I did what I could but I guess it is inevitable that it has that kind of shape. Blah. She also has a small amount of trimming at the top of her boots. I had to measure the area on my thigh that these would sit on and use that to know how long the trimming needed to be. I drew the draft on card stock and then transferred it to EVA foam. I shaped the armor with a heat gun and cleaned up the edges with a soldering tool (although looking back on it I should have dremmeled the edges).

Trimming: Rider’s dress has a small amount of trim around the hem of the neckline. I used craft foam for this to match with the bracelets and boot armor, but to make it thinner than the EVA foam I used for those. I tried on the dress to see how wide and how long I wanted the trim to be. I made the prototype out of painter's tape then I traced it onto EVA foam. I heated it up with a heat gun and cleaned up the edges with a soldering tool. To make things easier for myself, I will be gluing the EVA foam directly onto the dress with hot glue. Craft foam and craft foam actually glue very well to fabric.

Bracelets: Rider has 4 bracelets on each hand. One large one on her wrist, one on her forearm, and two up higher past the elbow. For these, I had to measure exactly the length of each, as well as eyeball how wide each of them were. From there, I again drew them on cardstock and transferred the pattern onto EVA foam. The large bracelet on her wrist is very obviously beveled on the sides. The other bracelets are sometimes shown as being beveled as well, but not always. I think I'll leave those as they are so as not to make too much work for myself for now.

Other small details: Rider’s mask and bracelets have small metal detailing. Because these are pretty small I decided to add actual metal rivets. I made a tiny hole so I could glue them in AFTER the pieces are plasti-dipped and painted.

Stakes: The stakes for Rider were really fun to make actually! I will have a whole separate post on that :D

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